Cube World USA

International New, Refurbished & Pre Owned Furniture Dealer, Specializing In Turn Key Commercial Asset & Design Services.

New, Refurbished & Pre Owned Furniture Dealer, Specializing In Commercial Asset & Design Services.

Turn Key Office Furniture Liquidations

Our company Cube World USA handles large to medium size office, hotel and electronic liquidations on a regular basis and helps in the removal and decommission of corporations whether they are moving, relocating or phasing out their assets. We have had several successful office, hotel, and electronic liquidations with recognizable financial institutions, Fortune 500's, government, hospitals, and hotels. We offer turn key office furniture liquidation solutions to companies that are growing, relocating, distressed or just changing style. We have optimal options to produce a financial liquidity within our clients expendable company assets, in order to help ease the transition of change.

We are experts in determining the liquid price value of corporate assets and specialized furniture, and determining the cost of removing or installing those assets. We also offer full logistics, turn key removal and cleaning of any company that is liquidating their assets. Our job is to maximize the liquid return or minimize financial impact of liquidations in order to meet if not surpass our clients' goals during the transition process. There is no liquidation too large or small for our company to handle.